Keturah is a rising star and the youngest signed artist at Stile Records. Born into a musical family, it was no surprise that Keturah started singing as a child. Her mom, Terri Davis is a Singer. Pauline Fox, her grandmother, a well known Pianist; while her grandfather, Earl Davis, was a classical Singer and Saxophonist. Her mom, aunts and grandmother also taught music. Recognizing her musical gifts, her mom enrolled young Keturah into performing arts school where she honed her vocal skills. Keturah was just 11 years old when she performed her very first solo act “Joyful, Joyful”. Growing up in New York exposed Keturah to diverse cultures and music, which has influenced her art.

The young singer has over 5 years of experience under her belt, performing for a variety of audiences. She has done tap dancing, classical voice training, in addition to a variety of live performances. She did a four year stint with the Morgan State University Choir which brought her to several countries including Dubai, Brazil and parts of Europe. She has also sung with the gospel ensemble, Songs of Solomon, from Harlem, New York. In high school she performed the part of Mother Marie in the opera Dialogue of the Carmelites and in college, Clara in Porgy and Bess.


Keturah is no stranger to struggle, having lived on Section 8 and in a shelter while being raised by a single mom. At age six, her father, Jerome Gardner, a recovering drug addict, was separated from the family and incarcerated. This prepared her for college life in Baltimore, where she has gained the necessary survival skills to make life on her own. The life skills Keturah has learned firsthand, has developed a winning spirit in her and an unrelenting drive to excel in music, which she is so passionate about. This upcoming Pop Star has her mind set on becoming a celebrated artist bringing love and uplifting entertainment to her fans. Keturah is a beautiful song bird, and her brand of entertainment is sassy, classy and exciting.


“My purpose is to spread love and enhance the lives of those around me through my music.”


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